Friday, June 17, 2011


So, my progress reel of class 1.(2011)
Thanx  to my mentor DON KIN n all my frens.......:)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011


week_10......walks with character...
N for this assignment i did double bounce....:)
N for poses.....exhausted....


week_9 humm only polishing a walk....hahah....:) na lots of work hahah....i learn to do details in walk. like weight shift from one leg to another..overlapping in hips..n ya lots of stuff...N ya knee poping was killing but finally i did it heheh...


Got new character ballie....n need to do vanilla walk.n ya for 3d poses physical strength.....:)


we learned lots of things about graph editor .hahahh


just pendulum.....heheh but trust me its little harder hahha


In this week we had to do devastation pose and a ball bouncing in obstacle course...
we learn a lots of thing about stretch and squash....:)
N ya  i learn that do planning before u animate....other wise u will end up doing messy things...hahha


wow this was quite a interesting week...
i had to do tow bouncing balls showing different was really fun.....
And ya i got A- in thish assignment.....hehhe;8oD


So for week 3 we had bouncing ball and the excitment poses.
i learned lots of things in this week


So. i begin my journey in Animation MEntor from 28th march.It was quite a fun.Met lots of people from all around the world.Learned lots of stuff.My first Mentor was Don Kim,  a animator from Blue  Sky Studio.Soon i am going to class 2 (body mechanics)...really excited....

So, i am going to post some of my works.....:)